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Monday, April 30, 2012

Vudu Cloud Video Distribution

Vudu is a new service for accessing DVD video content on the web. DVD owners takes their videos to a participating vendor to verify that they own the disc, and then for a five dollar fee obtain access to the online video in HD format over the web. The service is of interest to those who want a web backup for their film library, or who feel the five dollar fee for watching their old DVD in HD format is worthwhile.

According to Lucas Mearian's article, the Vudu service already has a larger share of the online video distribution market than either Sony or Amazon.


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Friday, April 06, 2012

How to Protect Online Transactions

Julie Sartain's NetworkWorld article How to Protect Online Transactions indicates that in the future a mobile phone may be required for banking or other secure transactions.


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The End of Academic Library Circulation?

"The End of Academic Library Circulation" is a provocative article about the decline of the book as a research tool. If Will Kurt's predictions in ACRL Tech Connect are accurate, loans of physical books from academic libraries will approach zero by 2020, a mere eight years away.

I sheperd a small library outlet with perhaps 400 books and 15 computers. Students and faculty have learned that they can conveniently get "enough" information to supplement their undergraduate textbooks by querying the university databases and various websites. The small reference collection is rarely tapped by students for weekly assignments. But students and faculty do borrow self-help and devotional books, items they want to read over several weeks.


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