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Friday, June 03, 2005

MetaEureka is a metasearch engine from the Netherlands that allows one to easily discern the number of links to a website, the type of server hosting the website, the contact address for the web site, topically similar websites, etc.   It searches directories such as Yahoo and About.   The "number of links" is a concept useful for sensing how many others have judged a site worthwhile - a high number means that the site is both well-known and judged useful, while a low number of links indicates that the site fails in one of those areas.   Google has been one of the search engines to count the number of links to a site to determine its page rank (that is, how far down the Google results list you must scroll for the link to the site).
- D.D.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Deep Web Research

Today I discovered a new blog on searching at It offers links to resources and papers on search developments, many of which I had never seen.   This might be useful for the professional searcher.  : The author, Marcus Zillman, cites an accreditation of "A.M.H.A., but I am unfamiliar with this title."