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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Student Information Literacy

Catherine Rampell published published observations by Sociologist Eszter Hargittai on student information literacy in the April 29, 2008 online edition of the Chronicle of Higher Education. Hargeittai notes that students have problems locating and evaluating information. One of the reader comments on Hargittai's message captured her message with a vivid image:

The broader, underlying issue is that teens and young adults are praised ad nauseum for their ability to ‘process’ information. But fewer and fewer of them seem to actually understand what anything means, or care to. Put a thousand monkeys at a thousand keyboardrs for a thousand years and one of them may write ‘Hamlet’. But he still can’t find Denmark on a map.
—- Comment #13 posted by GRF Apr 30, 09:03 AM