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Friday, May 13, 2016

Obtaining Discounted Accomodations

Terence Loose offers twenty tips for obtaining a discount on hotel rooms in the United States. These include:

  1. Obtain reservations at
  2. Ask for a price match
  3. Obtain a coupon code
  4. Find individuals who have been unable to rent their property, and negotiate
  5. Check your discount club
  6. Stay midweek
  7. Look for inclusive deals
  8. Check for credit card benefits
  9. See if your affiliation (AAA, AARP, etc.) qualifies you for a discount
  10. Try the HotelTonight app
  11. Use frequent flier miles
  12. Choose a business hotel
  13. Investigate if a small or unusual room is available at a lower price
  14. Check in late for potential upgrades
  15. European Apart-Hotels offer a small kitchen, which saving dining costs
  16. Minimize foreign transaction fees
  17. Join a loyalty program
  18. Sign up for the hotel's credit card


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